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Mr. Pickles Underfoot

Mr. Pickles is a 6-year-old Yorkipoo.  He hangs out at the office whenever he can.  He absolutely adores spending time with his people.  

He goes by a bunch of different names: Pickles, Pickles McLickles, The Picolator and Pics.  

He may come across shy at first, but if you are an animal person he will know.  He is very, very sensitive to people's energies, and this makes him a positively amazing blessing to have around the office.

He is known to skip when he is happy.  This might look like he has a sore foot, but it is just his way of celebrating his joyfulness.  

Don't be offended if he does not come up to you right away or if he barks just a little bit.  It's just his way.  After all, he is just a wee little lad weighing in at a mere 8 pounds.  

He is a licker, and if you are blessed to be an approved person, he will celebrate your acceptance with copious amounts of kisses.  

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