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Adam DeVaney, LMSW-Clinical, CECP

Clinical Program Director/

Intake Specialist

Adam is your contact person at Life's Work Clinic.  He will be there for you for every step of the way through your process with our program.  If you need to talk to anyone about an issue, you will be talking to Adam.  He is your go-to and will be one of your biggest cheerleaders in your recovery.  He sees the diamond under the layers.  He knows it is there.  He believes in you.  


Adam grew up in Auburn Hills, Michigan, where he graduated from Pontiac Northern High School.  He loves to talk about how the diversity at this school informed the rest of his life. 


After witnessing the beauty of Northern Michigan on a trip up to a friend’s wedding, he moved to Northern Michigan in 1994 and started college at Northwestern Michigan Community College.  After completing his requirements, he moved to Mt. Pleasant and completed his Bachelors of Science in Sociology and Psychology with some graduate work in Sociology at Central Michigan University.  After a break from school, he eventually came back to Traverse City to complete his Masters in Social Work through Grand Valley State University.  He is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Michigan. 


Adam’s professional background is in clinical management of pain and addiction patients at two different medical centers.  He fell in love with addiction work over this period.  Through this practice, he came to understand how many people suffer from many of the same psychological and emotional challenges faced by his addiction clients whether or not they were in active recovery or had a diagnosis of a use disorder. 


Today he owns and operates Life's Work Clinic, PLLC, with an office location in the Village of Kalkaska as well as by telemedicine throughout the State of Michigan.  

In Adam's Own Words

"Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, isolation, trauma, grief or an addiction? My practice has developed from my own experience overcoming many of these vexing issues in my own life.


Counseling is a two way street. It is a partnership. We are in this together, and this is why I focus therapeutically on the connections created through the use of the Emotion Code emotional release techniques.  


I also offer full bio/psycho/social substance use assessments for clients who have found themselves involved with the law related to a DUI or possession charge prior to your preliminary hearing.


My bias is towards addressing repressed and trapped emotions.  By connecting directly with a client's subconscious, a lot of meaningful work can be accomplished in a short period of time.  I have successfully worked with clients to address many diverse issues including: 


*Substance Abuse and Recovery

*Unblocking Creative Flow

*Healing from Previous Relationships

*Healing of Traumas

*Addressing Anger

*Creating and Building Businesses

*Career and Personal Development

I am also certified as an instructor for meditation, mindfulness and the process of increasing overall awareness. 


As long as we approach therapy as a team, we will succeed every time. You deserve this, and it is time that you understand that you deserve all the happiness and wonder that life has to offer."

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