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Mandi DeVaney-Reception

Mandi is the smiling face you see when you walk in for your appointments.  She will help you navigate the treatment process.  Many patients will tell you that you are in good hands, and they look forward to being greeted by Mandi's warm smile.  Mandi's compassion and love for people shines through in her work.   


Mandi grew up in Jackson, Michigan.  Her love of horses began early, and she had her first horse when she was just 8 years old.  She always knew that she wanted to work with horses.  Little did she know just how profound a path this would be.


Her education began at Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center in West Virginia.  During these years of training, she learned to ride, teach riding lessons and train horses.  Still, she knew there was more to working with horses than these more traditional approaches. 


One horse that taught her more than any other was a giant horse named General.  Through her work with him she learned that there was more to be learned from horses about our connections to ourselves, horses and “everything”.  Her journey began and continues today.


Fueled by this new connection and insight, Mandi continued her education through the Buffalo Woman’s Ranch in Colorado and a separate ranch in Oregon.  This introduced her to a new world or working with people and horses. 


Mandi was eventually able to blend her certification as a Level II Reiki practitioner with her work with the horses.  Since horses are natural energy workers, the melding of these approaches fit together seamlessly. 


In 2017, Mandi and her husband, Adam, bought Wellspring Acres in beautiful Rapid City, Michigan, with the intent to do this work and to create a sacred space for like-minded practitioners to share their compassion and expertise with the region and the world.