In an effort to streamline our accounting and payment processes for our patients, we are now sending invoices for services directly to your email.  

If you want to make a payment, there are a few easy ways to do this

  1. You can go to the most recent invoice. When you do this, you can:

    • Pay the invoice or

    • Click on Pay Balance (if you have one) and this will bring the amount you owe current or

    • Click Pay Specific Amount (if you only able to pay a portion of your balance)

  2. You can call us at 231-620-7977, and we will be happy to take your payment by phone (Hint: We will be going to your invoice to do this;-)).

  3. For those of you who still prefer to pay in cash, we can accept payment for in-person appointments at the time of services.  In this case, an invoice will still be sent to your email, and payment will be noted in our records.  All induction or transfer payments must still be made ahead of your scheduled appointment by card or check through options 1 & 2.  

Thank you as always for trusting in the staff of Life's Work Clinic, PLLC.  We are here for you and always will be.  If you have any questions about these policies, please feel free to call us.