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Many people refer to this as "Suboxone Therapy".  When this drug protocol is induced correctly with the assistance of trained professionals, this innovative treatment stops withdrawal symptoms and helps to stabilize patients on the first day of entering the program.  Combining this therapy with counseling has been shown to help create up to a 60% success rate after 4 years in keeping people abstinent from opioids. 

Through the use of Buprenorphine to stop withdrawals and Naloxone to block the effects of opioids, this approach serves to give people back their lives and works to stop the spiral effects of addiction in their tracks.  

For more information on this revolutionary therapeutic approach, head over to our blog for articles on the entire process and what you or your loved one can expect if they chose this approach to recovery. 

You can also give us a call at 231-620-7977 for a comprehensive and judgement free consultation on this therapy through Life's Work Clinic, PLLC.  

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