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Our experience has taught us that recovery from opioid addiction takes individual determination, a team of dedicated professionals to help you and an environment free from judgement.  Outpatient treatment with buprenorphine/naloxone (sometimes called Suboxone therapy) is considered the most effective treatment available.  That is why we are happy to offer this to our community.  

Hours of Operation: Sunday through Thursday 9am to 7pm


Finding psychiatric services in rural areas can be a challenge.  Many times, patients are left with no other option than to drive for many miles to get the help they need.  With this in mind, Life's Work Clinic offers judgement free psychiatric assessment and treatment for Kalkaska County and the surrounding areas as well as video-chat appointments for patients at a distance or with other issues that prevent them from leaving their house.  Getting help couldn't be easier.   


Life's Work Clinic offers a wide variety of counseling for different needs.  From relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and trauma to substance abuse recovery, our licensed therapists are here for you during life's challenging moments. 


Sometimes we just need someone in our corner.  Life's Work Clinic staff are dedicated to you and your success.  We are here for you when we need us without judgement or stigma.  We are your biggest cheerleaders. 

Call: 231-620-7977

Fax: 231-715-3222

103 W. 3rd St., Unit E, Kalkaska, MI 49646